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Olio Extravergine Troilo

Olio Extravergine di oliva Troilo 100% Italiano

The Extra Virgin Olive Troilus And a high quality product, obtained by pressing of the olives "Ogliarole the Vulture", typical varieties of olives grown namesake Area in the Province of Potenza. And a higher quality extra virgin olive oil, caratterizzato a harmonious and full flavor, an amber-yellow color with green hues and the typical smell of Lucan lands.
His singular virtues organoleptic differentiate From Other oils for its good qualities and delicacy, due to the secular dedication of growers and local millers What have been able to tie this production to the climatic conditions of the production area where product features are particularly enhanced SIA from the point aroma sight and taste, which the nutritional point of view.
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil sold and Troilus And Distributed In the Following Formats: tin of 5 liters, 1 liter bottle, 500 ml bottle, 250 ml bottle.
Special Price: € 6.80 per liter.

Inserzionista: Troilo Spa

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